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Thought for the day:
"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."
Lao Tsu


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Good bye rain hello sun

Hi Everyone

In thinking about this months newsletter, I have been torn between continuing the hints and tips around performance reviews….being empathetic about the floods, my daughter is now staying with us as she was flooded out…or just taking time out to re-kindle that lovely time called ‘school holidays’…

…so as the sun has finally come out take a few minuets to go back in time and remember the feeling of elation, sense of freedom and sheer enjoyment associated with time away from school….capture this feeling by seeing how many of the following you can do before September…..

  • Go build a sandcastle, get sandpaper skin as you wash the sand away
  • Paddle and jump the waves…get wet, fall over, make others laugh
  • Walk hand in hand with someone you love, along a beach, in a cool forest….
  • Wind down the windows of your car, listen for the birds, smell the newly cut wheat
  • Layback and stare at the sky, see how fast the clouds speed by
  • So you can’t have a BBQ – no excuse for not having friends round
  • Be patient with children when for the 100 time they say ‘are we there yet’
  • Be patient with teenagers, as yet one more time they lag behind, drag their feet, shrug their shoulders – not realising how much this is costing you

Finally as a result of this rekindled feeling of being young and adventurous think about

  • what do you want to achieve as a result of  your performance review with your boss
  • where do you want to be by Christmas 2007

Remember we all need to let go of what we are today and take time to think and become what we might be in September ...

Take care

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