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Behind every action is someone wanting to know they are respected, appreciated and valued


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Making ‘engaging’ habit forming

Hi Everyone

I wonder how many of you put into practice my suggestions for holding engaging performance reviews, and then got frustrated because it didn’t turn out as expected.  Did people keep reverting back to task? To what extent did they resist talking about themselves, and generally held back?

If we change our approach, our behaviour, we can’t expect others to instantly respond in a different manner. We have to give it time, we have to be patient, and most of all we have to make a commitment to ourselves that every conversation we have will be engaging.

So try the following…

  • A least once a day show someone how much you appreciate their contribution
  • Listen attentively during meetings, put the task to one side and listen out for what people are really saying
  • Acknowledge their concerns, but don’t fall into the trap of giving advice
  • Help them to think through what is important for them as individuals
  • Share your own hopes, values and aspirations
  • Catch yourself taking a personal interest in others
  • What does this look sound and feel like for you?
  • Tell people they make a difference and that they matter

And finally………………

  • Check out that your actions match your words

In other words it is only by practice, practice, and more practice that engagement will become second nature, like driving car, where we don’t have to consciously think about it, it comes naturally. When creating the ‘engaging’ habit it really helps to treat everyone as a friend and I do mean everyone……no matter how hard…….trust me it gets easier…..

Take care

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