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Back to work??

Hi everyone

Talking to a number of colleagues we were all sharing how hard we were finding getting back into the swing of work….after the long summer holidays – ok that’s for the kids, but let’s be honest work does slow down in August…..Which has made me re-appraise my approach to ‘getting back to work’.

Over the summer I have had time to reflect, how I might reposition my business, what I want to achieve before Christmas, maybe re-write the web page, start that course I promised I would…..but if I’m not careful all my plans will get lost if I approach work as the same old, same old way…..nothing will change, Christmas will come and go, another year over… take control of going back to work!

  • Really engage with what’s going on around you – if you don’t like it – change it, or accept it but don’t moan about it
  • Aim high, nothing is out of your reach
  • Make those summer promises firm goals
  • Take the first step in making them happen, no matter how small
  • Write them down, tell others….this shows personal commitment
  • Show an interest in others hopes and aspirations
  • Start telling people what you need, ask what they need from you
  • Spend time with people, who energise and motivate you
  • Move away from those who drain you
  • Ask team members, in 121’s, what promises they made to themselves – don’t be afraid if they have decided to find a new job. Better to know now then later – you might still have time to do something about it…

Remember all you have to do is some of the above for the first five minutes upon waking, then for the next 15, then the next 30 and before you know it….an hour will have passed and you will on your way to work with a light foot, a full heart and a clear head…..ready to take on the world…

Take care

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