Hi, I am Caroline Stanford. This website tells you about me and the professional services I offer. I understand that today’s work environment presents us with continuous, unrelenting, sometimes unexpected challenges and change is the biggest of them all. So we don’t change! We think about change, dream about how life would be better if we changed, stress about the fact that we haven’t changed but stick with the same old same old, knowing we need to change but just don’t know how to go about it.

Life and work don’t come with a manual, so finding the support of someone who is experienced in the ‘how’ and where’s will make the whole process of change easier and more satisfying. Identifying ways forward, instilling confidence, energy, motivation and commitment and finding the resources within ourselves clarifies what you want today and for your future. I am passionate about my work and certain that transformation happens when people focus on optimising their potential at work and in their personal lives .

Feel free to browse the whole web site or jump to specific areas of interest. Look at the pages that strike a chord and that feel most relevant to you. Interested in looking after your intellectual and emotional wellbeing, and optimising performance? Then pick up the phone for an informal chat or drop me an email..

Transformation is about making your life easier, not more complicated!

If you want to be an effective leader, you first have to understand how to manage yourself before you can lead others effectively – it’s all about being the best of yourself with more skill. Life is full of transitions, new roles, promotion, redundancy, returning to work to name just a few. Investing time to find out about yourself, clarifying your strengths, motivations and enjoyments at work are key to finding success and fulfilment now and in the future. Personal growth and change is about exploring the ‘here and now’. Focussing on creating productive problem solving behaviour, how to better understand and develop relationships, communication skills and personal self sufficiency. Coming soon…watch this space!

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