Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling

The aim of counselling is to facilitate personal growth and change and to increase autonomy in relation to your social, professional and cultural environment.

People find counselling particularly helpful at certain times of their life. Counselling provides an opportunity to explore problems with someone not involved in your personal life, who is trained to listen in an accepting way and helps you to discover your own resources for change, and ways of resolving difficulties.

I aim to create a relationship built on mutual trust and respect that grows over time. Together we create a warm, supportive, accepting environment that helps you become aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and explore your difficulties. As we increase your sense of self-belief, you are better able to provide options for yourself, and make healthy life decisions and changes.

Personal Counselling can help you work through a range of issues that may include:

  • feeling ‘stuck in a rut’
  • empty nest syndrome
  • problems at work
  • life transitions 
  • relationship difficulties
  • coping with /or thinking about divorce
  • feeling unhappy
  • loss of direction
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • dissatisfied with quality of relationships
  • confused
  • loss or grief
  • low self esteem

Personal Counselling is a professional activity within a contractual relationship. In other words we agree on what change[s] you are aiming to achieve. Some people are apprehensive about becoming dependent on counselling. Be reassured, personal counselling is a process with a beginning, middle and an end, with the ultimate aim of creating independency.

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