Online 360-degree feedback

360-degree feedback has significant potential in the areas of Leadership Development and Talent Management, but care is needed in the planning, implementation and follow-up.

Pario HR Solutions offers various 360 options using online feedback from internal colleagues and external business partners and associates. The 360 competencies can either be built around your existing competency model, follow-on from Competency Validation (based on a 360 pilot study), or utilise a 'generic' model developed by Pario HR Solutions. Our online system is highly automated and enables clients to quickly and easily control and administer all aspects of the process.

Individual 360-degree feedback reports are designed to suit particular client requirements. The report can include comparisons with previous 360 assessments - to monitor progress over time as well. The Pario 360 is also distinctive in offering Group Reports (based on specified work groups / demographic categories) that highlight group strengths and development needs. Group Reports include options for further in-depth analysis of feedback from different respondent groups.

To see a demonstration 360 questionnaire click on the following link

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