Motivation Index

‘Motivated individuals and teams give their discretionary goodwill, they go the extra mile, have a positive mindset and care enough about colleagues, customers and the organisation to get things right’ Dr Sukhwant Bal Human Capital Management 2008

The Motivation Index was developed by Sukhwant in 2007 as a way of guiding and supporting managers on the conversations they need to have with team colleagues.

By completing the Motivation Index, it helps you to think through:

  • your commitment, energy, competence and confidence at work
  • to what extent you enjoy your work
  • believe your goals are worth going for
  • feel committed to the visions and values of the business
  • feel proud to work for your organisation
  • your motivation to deliver ambitious goals
  • sense of loyalty to the business and your colleagues
  • how you inspire self and others when down

The Motivation Index helps both managers and team members to understand what is important for you at work and provides a common language for having 121 conversations that are engaging, inspiring and that can transform working relationships.

In addition, the Motivation Index can be set up to provide collective results for individual teams, between department and across organisations as a whole as a way of validating organisational change initiatives, identification of high performing teams, effectiveness of HR interventions etc.

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