Career Change

Change is scary because the brain finds it easier to repeat the same patterns and habits - it takes much more effort to create new neural pathways. Work is such a huge part of our lives; it affects our identity, financial situation, future prospects, confidence, perceived status and emotional and financial security.

How we feel affects what we do, what we say and how we behave. When thinking about making a career change we experience natural fears such as fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of making the wrong decision and then regretting it.

For others it might be the fear of success, how will my family be affected, what impact on personal relationships, what will my friends think? Will I be happier than I am now?

These fears can be paralysing and lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, low self esteem and inaction resulting in us ‘doing nothing’ or finding one hundred and one reasons for ‘keeping things the way they are’.

Do any of these, sound familiar?

  • Compromising your choices because someone else says you should?
  • Feeling frustrated, held back?
  • Knowing you are capable of bigger and better things – but not sure how to go about getting what you want?
  • Not being recognised and appreciated for what currently you do?
  • Feeling out of control of your career?
  • Stuck in rut….want to do something completely different but not sure what?

It is natural for us to want to progress and grow, and by resisting change we can become disillusioned, leading to ill health, reduced confidence and ‘beating ourselves up’ for not making the change, which we know in our hearts, is right for us…

Together we can find out what is holding you back, be clear about what you really want to do, then create exciting and motivating strategies and action plans for helping you achieve the success and growth you deserve.

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