New Roles

Starting a new job, or gaining promotion is fantastic and exciting but it can also be scary! It involves moving from our comfort zone of being known and liked, to entering a new environment where we are not known and having to start again.

There are so many expectations of us at the beginning and often we are not very forgiving of ourselves when we don’t get it right first time. We struggle to understand what’s going on… ‘It was all right in my last job role’, we worry that our performance is slipping, become concerned about the impression we are making and worry what others might think of us and if we’re not careful even doubting we can do the job we were employed to do!

Do any of these, sound familiar?

  • Concerned about how quickly you can make a difference, deliver against your objectives/targets?
  • Struggling to get a grip on ‘how things work around here’…. not the practical stuff – the stuff nobody tells you about
  • Dealing with ‘unfinished business’ left by the previous incumbent?
  • Guiding former colleagues / team members, without appearing bossy?
  • Managing and leading others who applied for the job you successfully got!
  • Discovered the job you applied for is not the one you are now expected to do?
  • Trying to understand and deal with office politics?
  • Working for a different boss than the one who employed you – and they are very different?

We may have had a fantastic induction, been appointed a Mentor and / or Buddy – but sometimes you need someone who is independent of the business who you can be really frank and open with…someone you can talk to about the ‘things that keep you awake at four o’clock in the morning’, someone who can support you in getting through the first 6 weeks / months till you find your feet.

It is a well known fact – most people decide to leave a new job / promotion within the first six weeks – however it takes the next 18 months to actually leave…don’t waste the next 18 months of your life…take action now!

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