Career Development

Career development is the process by which we develop our careers when moving within and between organisations. Often at work we are so busy doing the day job, we don’t stop and take time out to think and plan how we would like our careers to develop, or think about what learning we might need to get there.

It is all too easy to ‘wait for something to happen’ and before we know it we ‘miss the opportunity’ of promotion, being involved in new challenging projects, working in a different part of the business or joining new organisations

Career development is more than the yearly appraisal, which often spends more time focussing on what we should / haven’t done rather than on what we can / would like to achieve in the future.

Do any of these, sound familiar?

  • Do you [or others] feel you can only do things your experience allows?
  • Not sure about where you want to take your career in 12, 18, 24 months time?
  • Uncertain about what is required or necessary to gain promotion?
  • Feel your manager, partner, friends, family are not interested in helping you grow and develop into your next role?
  • Want to scope out a career development plan that will enable you to start and support a family?
  • Unclear about your current knowledge, skills, marketability and personal preferences?

Initially we address a variety of questions about your life plans and career aspirations. We may use a range of personal profiling tools that help us gain insight into what’s important for you at work. We will also discuss factors that are likely to influence your decisions that could affect your career goals. Answers to these questions will assist you in clarifying and realising your career objectives. As a result we can create a career path, supported with targeted development and training opportunities that match your expectations and not others.

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