When thinking about retirement, not only do we have to deal with our own fears and anxieties, we have to deal with the fears and anxieties of partners, friends, peers and children.

We can spend our whole working lives looking forward to retirement - how many times have you heard ‘when I retire….’ and then in a flash it is just around the corner…

Do any of these, sound familiar?

  • Are you going through a period of readjustment?
  • Experiencing challenges in coming to terms with change in work?
  • Uncertain about how to cope with retirement?
  • Know you have something left to offer, but not sure how to use this outside of work?
  • Feel that life is passing you by?
  • Believe you never have time to do the things you want to do?
  • Have come to a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn?
  • Asking what was all that about?

The prospect of retirement can be both exciting and challenging. Your pattern of life will change, at least when you have completed all the ‘chores’ you have been promising to do for the last ten years!

Taking take time out to plan and prepare for this phase of life is helpful and ensures that you create a vision of how to make retirement enjoyable and work for you. Working together we explore your thoughts, beliefs, wants, needs and desires. We dispute irrational thoughts, challenge limiting beliefs and play with the unimaginable! Ultimately creating the retirement you never imagined possible.

One thing for certain is that in this phase of life you are your own boss. So grab the opportunity with both hands and make it work for you. This way you’ll ensure you have a good retirement- enjoy!

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