100 Watt Coaching - Willing Able and Talented Teams

100 Watt coaching is an innovative coaching programme targeted specifically for middle managers and team leaders. Typically the programme is for 12 months and provides:

  • powerful management coaching toolkit

  • motivation index

  • creating light bulb conversations

  • skills development on feedback and effective coaching

  • the judgement to know when to engage with task centred coaching or colleague centred coaching

  • 100,200 and 300 day follow up workshops so learning gets transferred into the business

  • evidence based data on how effectively they are motivating and inspiring their teams….

As Sukhwant says ‘it’s not that managers can’t have the conversation and interactions they need. They need a common language, a standard process and a practical set of tools to help them do so. When they have these in place, then companies can expect to see managers who are more confident, more innovative, more inspired and team members who are more engaged and motivated to succeed’

If you are interested in finding out more please give me a call or contact:
Sukhwant Bal, 100 Watt Coaching, Tel: 0845 607 6878. Email: sukhwant@100wattcoaching.com

Contact me here to arrange a exploratory discussion

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