Individual Commitment

What does coaching ask of the individual? To be successful and make good use of your time, coaching asks certain things of you:

  • come prepared to focus on yourself, the tough questions, the hard truths and your success

  • observe the behaviours and communications of others in relation to yourself

  • tap into your intuition, assumptions, and judgements and to the way you speak

  • be willing to challenge existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, developing new ones that serve your goals in a superior way

  • leveraging personal strengths and overcoming limitations necessary for a winning style

  • compassion for yourself and others as you experiment with new ways of thinking, behaving and dealing with setbacks.

  • humour – not to take yourself too seriously – using humour to lighten and brighten any situation

  • composure in the face of disappointment and un-met expectations, building resilience and emotional stability.

Working with a coach requires personal commitment of time, energy and a willingness to consider change.

Of course coaching is not appropriate for everyone, and if this is the case for you we can consider alternative strategies.

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