Why Hire A Coach?

Coaching provides an objective, independent, creative, thought provoking and a safe environment to explore issues and challenges in a way that is not ‘career limiting!’ It’s about unlocking potential and delivering both business and personal outcomes.

Ref: How Coaching can impact on Business Performance- CIPD Coaching and Buying Coaching Services.2nd edition Jarvis.J 2008

I have worked with individuals and teams in a wide variety of commercial business environments, central government, local government, small medium enterprise and with private individuals of all ages, backgrounds and experience.

I have a proven track record of building strong, trusting, long-term relationships and I am able to bring specialised expertise from a wide variety of organisational and industry situations.

As an external coach I’m not influenced by the internal politics and ‘accepted’ ways of working. I am in the fortunate position of being able to view any situation / challenge you may be facing with fresh eyes. As such I can effectively challenge you through sensitive questioning and listening as a way to helping you make change which can be difficult and overwhelming when aligned with hopes and fears.

Coaching is about making your life easier, not more difficult.

Coaching is not ‘remedial’, it is not about helping you to ‘correct’ something…. it is more about supporting you in identifying strengths and potential…becoming more of yourself, with more skill.

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